Why Campervans?

Some of our reasons why

So you want to see the Highlands of Scotland, but there is so much to see and you want to pack it all in.

You could book a hire car or even a guided tour but you will also need to arrange multiple hotels or B&Bs. Hiring a campervan or motorhome makes it so much easier, as you have the flexibility to go where you want, when you want and you don’t have to keep packing up. It also gives you the option of staying in far more remote locations if you just want to get away from it all.

But what about camping? As far as we’re concerned here at OutThere Campervans this is a bit of no-brainer really. It’s not just that as a company offering campervan hire and motorhome hire in Inverness we’re biased towards campervans, but rather that we have done the camping thing and really there’s just no comparison.

But why should you take our word for it? We’ve collated Reviews from happy campervan customers over the years, in addition to doing a little research of our own, and these are some reasons on why, we reckon, you should opt for a campervan rather than a tent for your next family holiday in the Highlands of Scotland.

Reasons to opt for a campervan over a tent:
  • Comfort and luxury
    OK, you love the idea of lying under the stars and really getting back to nature but after a few days that lumpy camp ground and smelly sleeping bag can really start to get to you. Not to mention the fact you’re cooking the same meals every couple of days in that same little silver pot.
  • A room away from the kids
    Yes, much as you love the little darlings, sometimes you just need to go into the bedroom, wedge a chair against the door, and do a little contemplating – completely on your own. There’s no chance of this in a tent (for a start there’s no locks!)
  • In our larger vans, there’s a toilet right there
    Ah the bliss of not having to manoeuvre your way past other tents and cow pats in the dark when the curse of the midnight loo-call strikes. Not only that but you don’t have to line up in a queue in the mornings to carry out your ablutions.
  • Kids are happier on the move
    Instead of whining that they’re bored in the back of the car, your offspring can entertain themselves watching a DVD or playing a board game in the back of the campervan while you drive to your next destination.
  • Meals are cheaper in a campervan
    You’ve a fully-functioning kitchen right there in your van so there’s no need to buy expensive take-away meals or head out to the nearest gastro pub. Instead you can economise by buying bulk and using that pasta and rice for several meals over the course of the week.
  • You don’t always have to book campsites in advance
    Many places – especially in Europe – will allow you to camp by the side of the road which means your holiday planning is a bit more flexible and you don’t have to be rushing all the time to get from one campsite to another. But if you are wild camping, please read our guide on how to do this responsibly
  • There’s no need to pack up all the time
    Everything is right there in the van and goes with you so there’s none of that having to hide the valuables and pack up the tent and all the bits and bobs when it’s time to move on or you want to go out for the day.
  • It doesn’t matter if it rains
    Well, it’s not great but in a campervan you can sit in comfort, drink coffee and read or play board games, even watch TV. In a tent? Well, you’ll just sit there huddled up feeling miserable and changing your reading position every five minutes to try and get comfortable.
  • The midges won’t get you
    You’ve far more chance of getting bitten in a tent than in a campervan as you’ll be coming and going more. Every time you open the flap of your tent those unwelcome guests are going to get in and they’re not going to leave easily. And let’s face it; tents are just too small to hide away in.

There are lots more reasons why you should opt for campervan hire and motorhome hire in the Highlands rather than packing up a tent for your holiday. We just don’t have the space for them all here. If you’re in the market for campervan hire in Scotland and motorhome hire in Scotland then check out Our Vehicles, send us ask us a question or get a quote or just give us a call on +44 7802 843 309 anytime.